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Excellent Heavy duty - Caster
It is forged ahead and quite. Double Control Brakes are on 2 wheels and 2 swivels preventing detachment of axis and deformation from happening.
Reinforced material and designed for heavy-duty:
Adopting strengthened nylon fiber and capable of handling
loading of 150kg.
Ergonomically designed handle:
lt is to make operation smooth with flexibility while pushing.
Assembled design for easy assembly:
The design ides embedded in body design avoids detachment in joint when on rough surface and easy to assemble.
Use Premium-grade wheel design:
Adopting integrated wheel design originally forpremium-grade instrument. Brakes are on 4 wheels preventing detachment of axis and deformation from happening.
Side hung container using impact-proof material:
lt is capable of handling 50 kg with its robust design withstanding severe impact.
Unique rim design for convenience and safety:
lt is adapts to any environment with unique rim design which overflow of boiled soup or ingredients is avoided.
Material carrier:
lt is designed for carrying goods in cffice or factory environment with degree of freedom.
Multipurpose accessory cart:
lt is for carrying tools and comes with robust design and ease of assembly. Side-hung container is optional.
Patented multifunctional tool cart:
lt is patented designed with panel capable of holding objects such as cans and bottles.


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